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mono_poly's Journal

Monogamous and Polyamorous Lovers
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Unlike the game of Monopoly, life isn't usually about trying to take over everything and being the only one left. :)

This community was created to provide support and to give a place where discussion can take place because it seems as polyamory becomes more popular, there's getting to be a greater cross-over with monogamous relationships. It is for those involved with relationships where there are both polyamorous and monogamous partners... as relationships such as these come with their own particular (and peculiar) brand of problems and issues.

While good debate and the exchange of ideas are encouraged, sniping at others will be jumped on. Respect is something we are all entitled to - please try to keep things civil.

1. Persistent and severe flamers will be banned.
2. No spamming/quizzes.
3. If you want to post a picture, please use the <lj-cut> tag.
4. Relevant websites, communities, books, etc. all appreciated.

By joining this community you are saying that you agree to abide by these guidelines. If you do not agree with them, please do not join.

Other places that may be of interest:

polyamory ~ polysecondaries


Poly Relationships for Monogamous People

You Don’t Have to Do It


This is a support group for monogamous people in a committed relationship with someone who is polyamorous - i.e., who either has or would like to have other lovers. Another list, cpnpolymono, is available for the polyamory side of the relationship.

This list is open to anyone, but its primary purpose is support for monogamists dealing with polyamory. All others are here as their guests, available to listen, learn, and occasionally contribute. When you join, we invite you to introduce yourself and let us know your reason for being here.

We assume everyone here is sympathetic to the difficulties inherent in a mono-poly relationships, and that we are seeking to make the relationship work. This is not a place to judge anyone's lifestyle or sexual preferences, or to try to change anyone's preferences.

Above all, this list is to be a safe place where people feel free to share real life without fear of repercussions.

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